Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nick's blog

Nick invited me to share with the world what I am doing and tell everyone what connections I still need.In my opinion Nick Unsworth is the Facebook Master and one of the teachers that every insight he shares seems to stick.
 Ever since I started building a series of online retail outlets and learning affiliate marketing I have tried nearly everything and learned the magic of code without the formal teachings of a University. By learning the hard way it has taken longer but the hidden value is that figuring something out without being told how to first of all made it stick in my memory and secondly when there is nobody to tell you where the boundaries are sometimes you discover something new that everyone must have been told to stop at a certain point because I discovered and developed a new software that will....Lets just wait and see on that statement time will tell. Tests are looking great so far. And as if I didn't have enough irons in the bonfire, the biggest thing to hit social media ever is pre-launching next week and if you don't know what it is you should. Trust me on this one it is bigger than all of the things I mentioned and opt. in is free @  
My ideal customer: Anyone who wants to get paid to use social media.
 My centers of influence: One of the first to catch my attention was Mike Dillard. The funny thing is he invited me to join the inner circle before the inner circle formed and I was too busy. DUMB move on my part, but like I said I like to learn the hard way. 
Perry Marshall,Nick Unsworth,Ann Seig,Ray Higdon,Mark Hoverson,Nornan Hallett,April Marie Tucker,Mark Zuckerburg,Brandon and Tanya Links,Jason Better,Norbert and crew,Deagon Smith,Robert Puddy,John Pinedo,Larry Wilcox,Jerry ,Joe Celia,John Paulson,and too many more to list but with a cast of teachers like them and no limits I am ready for anything. Thank you Nick for opening up your blog and I will try to help someone if they want to learn from a guy who holds his degree from the University of Hard Knocks...G

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